All of my studios

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Here, I have assembled the 22 (most essential) studios I have been working in during the last +50 years.


There has been many changes in life, but I have learned to quickly settle into new studios so that I can paint. In many ways, the changes are triggering new things, but they also mean a lot of disturbance and waste of time.


A lot of storage here and there also means paintings forgotten and lost. My central piece ‘Terra do Brasil’ might still find itself coiled into a drain pipe at an attic in Southern France!


The photo above shows my newest work corner at a summer-stay at RÆVESKIFTET, where I produced a lot of memory pictures, knowing I would soom return home to SØSTIEN.




 We have found a good place to live, by Sønderby Sø. The annex has now been restored into a studio and the stable into a gallery.


It is a good place to live and to paint, and fun to present my paintings at the marbled end wall. 





After having sold my studio in Mons la Trivalle i 2014, I was lucky enough to be granted at stay at Chateau Mallefougasse, owned by the foundation Luberon.


It was a great stay in the probaly coolest studio I have yet worked in, regarding both size and view. 


Great also to revisit Provence!






After good (however chilly!) years at Hagenskov, I got a fine studio (with heating!) at Herredsbjerg, where I resumed working with torsoes. 


There was a nice view to Drelette church, oaks and fields, but the residence turned out to be a bit too small for us. 





Hagenskov 2015-2018


I had a few good, productive years at my studio in an elegant environment close to the manor Hagenskov. 


Summer at Hagenskov


Two summers in a row I held exhibitions in the old pig house near the manor, kindly lended to me by the estate owner Britta Schall Holberg.



The station 2013-2015


There was a lot of dreams and hard work at the old train station in Assens. I renovated the entire staircase of the appartment and build a studio in the old attic. From the studio, there was a wonderful view of the harbour, marina and The Little Belt. 


I had my big retrospective exhibition in the beautiful waiting room of the old train station. It still saddens me that the local authorities did not see in the old station a possibility for hosting exhibitions in cental Assens. But it IS a big mouthful to maintain the building, and when the owner gave up, and the rain came pouring down here and there, we had to find a new place to live and work. 


Later on, a skunk lab at the attic was revealed... at my fine studio! 





ART SHOP 2011-2013




I lived in Willemoesgade in Assens just across the old kiosk. There, I painted and opened up for customers when in Denmark. 




We found an old photo from back then, the kiosk 'BLADBØRSEN'




Because of illeness in the family, we returned to Funen i 2011 and begun our Funen life in "the mountains", my father-in-law's summer cottage, a place i have been frequenting (and painted in) since 1980. Now, the place hosts the life of my son and daughter-in-law. 





 Vivi's vine and cigaret at the garden table, 1981



BREDE 2009


I made a series of paintings called BREDEVÆRKER in the little annex of a house in Ørholm. It was a fine little studio I had for about a year, and I was quite productive.



For many years, we had the family summer holiday at a house we lended to us in Arresø. In 2009, it was a longer work-stay for me. The result was a lot of memory paintings.




I painted a door in the house in Arresø back in the 90ies.


KORSGADE Copenhagen 2008 and 2010


When my wife found it too odd to be sitting at Stokkebrovej with two cats while I was away half of the time, so she got a job in Copenhagen. I followed her and got a nice studio in Korsgade, close to the lakes. 2008 in one room, 2010 in another room, close by.






Christmas exhibition 

MONS la TRIVALLE 2007-2014


After having stayed several times at Anne Gretes house in Provence, I looked for opportunities to have my own studio in Southern France with the many hours of sun. We ended up buying a little place in HAUT LANGUEDOC, where I lived half of the year, painting.





The house in Fox-Amphoux, owned by the illustrator Anne Gretes foundation, was back then administered by Brøndums forlag, and I was granted a stay at the house a couple of times. A nice little house in a mountain village where I produced many paintings. 





 My good friend, the late Gert Rune Sundien, joined me at one time in Fox. He made this fine little drawing.  


The Painter's House in Sønderho 2005-2018-2021


Thee times I've spent one week in the studio in The Painter's House in Sønderho, owned by BKF, Danish Visual Artists. The first time, in 2005, we celebrated new years eve in a snowstorm and I made 25 paintings in a week, including several memory pictures. 


In 2021, we again celebrated new years eve in the old house, and this time, I also made memory pictures for the "memory board". 






At Southern Funen; the most beautiful place with a view to the lake, hills and a forest in the back yard. Lots of space to paint - a summer and a winter studio - productively and comercially the "richest" period in my career so far. 



Summer studio 



Winter studio 




Hollufgaards amazing studios for artists really got the production of paintings and graphics going, and the result was many exhibitions. The artists community at Hollufgaard was conducive for the making of good art, and it was a great time for me there. 


I am very sad that Hollufgaard was closed in 2022. It was a unique place, also internationally. 




In 1999, Kirsten and I moved apart. The house in Orte with the great studio was sold, and I spend a few years at a studio in an allotment in Odense, 'ROSENBÆKKEN', until Kirsten and I ended up moving back together. 



Porto Feliz  1993-1994


From August 1993 until April 1994, we lived the whole family in Brazil, while renting out our house in Orte. The transport of my paintings was sponsored by the brazilian airline company VARIG.


I godt my hands on a good little studio in the backroom of a bar in the middle of Porto Feliz. In Brazil I had four seperate exhibitions and good press coverage.  





Kirstens 30-year old letter to the gallery RASMUS

ORTE 1985-1999


The studio in Orte, that used to be an old coffin production, ended up as a splendid studio with toplightning and a view to Frøbjerg Bavnehøj. Here, the kids grew up, and I worked with both colours and graphics. 


I organised a graphics studio with a lito press in the old sunday school in the house. Our house was called 'the sexton's house' when we moved in, and 'the painter's house' when we moved out. 


Orte 86 Gyngestolen

Studio in 1986. Notice the rocking chair.

Gyngestol Peter og Kirsten

Working in 1993

RADBY 1982-1985

Big studio and my own lithograph press.

Radby 82 d

communes 1973-1980


I went to the Funen Academy of Arts 1970-1976.


I lived in a commune, working a lot and frequenting the Funen Printmaking Studio.

We were six lithographers making our own graphic studio commune. 

We established the art group LYREN, having it's last exhibition in 2018. 





       Project with my Dutch artist friend Ruud





Gerthasminde 1970


My first studio: My room at the 1st floor at my morthers house. My mother was very tolerant and supportive about my art. 


I have not been able to find a photo of my studio/room - only a painting of the end wall of the house. 




A photo of the VERY young artist, just accepted to the Funen Academy of Arts, 17 years old.