Since  2015  I have lived, worked and showed my things in a residentiel property at  Hagenskov Castle. The place has nature and culture, so I do not need more as an artistsmile
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Newsletter June 2016

It is summer in Denmark, and the docks are already as tall as a person. We have been busy developing a new web-page, that aired in May. It was an appreciation that The Danish Arts Foundation supported the project with DKK 10.000.


When I turned 60 and had held my retrospective exhibition at the old train station in Assens, I borrowed works from collectors, and showed photos of where my paintings live today. It is nice to see that they all have nice homes. A site at the webpage, “Collectors”, shows these photos. If you own a “John Hansen”, you are welcome to send me a photo at galleriehansen@gmail.com.


During Easter, I opened up my studio and had around 70 people visiting, they had a look and a chat about art. I held an exhibition at Galerie Lærken in Nykøbing Falster. It has been agreed with gallery owner Inga Rahbæk, that I will exhibit at Gallerie Lærken in Holland next spring.  


In august it is ”Culture Days in Assens”: Here I will exhibit at in church, and at ”Sulegården” with PABiAK (an association of professional artists in Assens).  I will as well be attending the impressive anniversary exhibition at Brandt 13, with two large pieces of graphics.


I am well here at Hagenskov, where I have been living for a year now. Britta Schall-Holberg, who lives at Hagenskov manor, has offered an exhibition room in the old pigsty. Here, the inflow of light is very good, and the place is ideal for a summer exhibition. Thus I am preparing for:




I will open the doors Saturday June 18th at 1 o’clock, where everyone is welcome for a glass of wine, water or coffee, until 5 o’clock. All summer, until the 28th of August, the doors will be open from 1-5 pm, or after further agreement.


I have invited my neighbour, art photographer Klaus Birchholdt. He is born in 1951 and has exhibited at the juried exhibitions several times. He has been represented at Den Sorte Diamant (The Royal Library) and at Brandts. At Hagenskov, he will show photos from around the world.  


My son Seppo and his wife Ane are collectors of oddities, which they sometimes sell. They have gathered some of their finest findings, which plays well with my paintings. Oh yes – and there will be sculptures of Jens Galschiøt and bags made by my sister, Lotte. All in all, there will be something to look at for everybody at the beautiful and protected Hagenskov.


Summer greetings from John Hansen