I wanted to work more freely with colour, and in 1993-94 I had the opportunity to work in Brazil. In Brazil I had four seperate exhibitions, all of them well covered by the local media.


Laerte Ziggiati writes in the prominent paper Diaria do Povo on the 10th of Feburary 1994, about my exhibition at Museu de Arte Contemporanea (MACC) in Campinas:

"This breaking down of the traditional abstractionism based on tone and color of varying intensity mediates, in spite of its radicalism, a simplicity, which makes Hansen’s pictures engaging and communicative at first sight.

The maturity of the artist becomes even more noticeable when he projects his view of Brazil as a foreigner without resorting to hackneyed clichés about tropical exoticism.

The five pictures with earth on paper produced here in this country are a dry, strong and sensitive expression of the chaotic primitiveness which characterizes the country.

The blobs, strokes, lines and spots which compose John Hansen’s radical anti- figurative style far from reveal a sterile rationality. They result in an emotional release which allows for liberation from rules and dogmas.

His secret might be to acknowledge the chaos of the form without losing control of the hand."

Terra 20do 20Brasil

Terra do Brasil