Galerie Lærken 92(1)

2th of April until 20th of May 2017

- Inga Ouwerkerk-Rahbek
Bent 2  2391JJ
0172 589837
06 44515334

 I have  made a tiny film and a couple of photos before the vernissage



holland 22017 c
fernisering 1 (2)

Summer 2008

IMG 20170218 0007
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Spring 2001

IMG 20170218 0002
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 MIn tredje udstilling i galleriet

Autumn 1994

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After our stay in Brazil, I returned to the gallery with a new exhibition, among others with pieces from the project Terra/Soil.


Summer 1992


On my way to Hazerwourde in a car belonging to Danish Visual Artists, with enough room for all the paintings

IMG 20170218 0001

Om udstillingen

Udstilling Lærken 92 e(1)

Scanned photo from the exhibition with sold pieces marked.