laerken Hollands Gaard

12th of April until 20th of August

- Inga Ouwerkerk-Rahbek
 Hollands Gaard 10
  4800 Nykøbing Falster


danmark  2017 a
danmark 2017 b

May 2016

danmark  2015 a

Exhibition with Theo Germann, dutch sculptor, May 2016.

Autumn 2015

foto 1(2)

Summer 2012

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Autumn 2009

Peintures á Quatre Mains

Exibition with my late colleague René Lacroix, concerted pieces as well as our own.

IMG 6475

The paitings almost ready for departure from Provence.

IMG 6485

Autumn 2005

No Image

Exhibition in "Hollands Gaard"

IMG 20170218 0006
IMG 20170218 0005

Autumn 2003

Laerken 03c
IMG 20170218 0004

50th birthday exhibition. The newspaper, however, was very interested in Inga and Tons plans regarding a museum.