When in 2013 I turned 60, I held a retrospective exhibition at the old train station in Assens.


                                                                                                                                                                                                             The exhibition was opened by Mag. art. Lise Lotte-Blom, who in a distinguished way went through my career as an artist                                                                                                      


                                                      Video from the exhibition


For the exhibition I borrowed pieces from collectors and showed photos of where my paintings can be found, in Denmark and outside.I am happy that my paintings have nice homes. At  this page you can see my paintings in private homes and elsewhere.



             If you are the owner of a” John Hansen”, feel free to contact me. 



samler i Haastrup(3)
Collector Haastrup
20180526 130325(1)
Collector Ærøskøbing
32280195 10156995071577908 3477079044644667392 n(1)
Collector Copenhagen
FullSizeR1 4(3)
Collector Grindsted
16426472 10154981266623781 1053930731 n(3)
Collector Assens
2015 03 03 13.01.24(2)
CFD Valby
20170730 113930 resized
Collector Vanløse
13512124 10209191701526948 5598493064513843851 n(1)
Collector Aalborg
13529236 10209191638285367 7291107942025945082 n(1)
Collector Aalborg
(The painting just above the nice dog)
13557788 10207854764501396 8966003907723679569 n(1)
Collector Roskilde
IMG 0607(1)
Collector Glamsbjerg
Collector Svendborg
Collector Brobyværk
Collector Schweitz
Collector Odense
Holland lille(1)
Collector Voorschoten, Holland
Jeanne Naur
Collector Hillerød
samler fra Kolding(1)
Collector Kolding
Alain og Mireille Galant
Collector Avignon
Gitte P 1
Collector Århus
CKV Odense
CRS 2(1)
Waiting room CKV Odense
samler Kgs  Lyngby(1)
Collector Kgs. Lyngby
62 09 bredeværk(1)
Collector Munich
Jans billeder(1)
Collector Odense
20160319 182219(3)
Samler Hornslet
20160319 181230(3)
Collector Hornslet
Collector Odense
Collector Odense
Collector Odense
Lars og Mariannne
Collector Bellinge
Collector Marstal
90 07 016(1)
Collector Bellinge
90 07 012(1)
Collector Odense
90 07 013(1)
Samler i Bellinge
dag 5 6(3)
Wall Painting Eisjerghus International School
Collector Østerbro Copenhagen
Juridisk Fakultet 52g61(1)
Juridisk Fakultet Copenhagen
udsmykning Skoletavlefabrik 007(1)
Nordisk Skoletavlefabrik
Gitte Peter 2 a(1)
Collector Nyborg
Gitte Peter 3 a(1)
Collector Nyborg
Gitte Peter 1 b(1)
Collector Nyborg
Lone i Kerteminde 2(1)
Collector Kerteminde
Jytte og Kjeld 5(3)
Hans Lundby A/S
Jytte og Kjeld Lundby 1(3)
Hans Lundby A/S
Carsten og Linna(1)
Collector Ærøskøbing
Peter og Kirsten(3)
The rocking chair has got a nice home in Rodskov
Huskebillede 1206 Birthe(1)
Collector Sødring
Lone Odense bemalet litografi(1)
Collector Odense
Collector Randers
2013 05 11 18.03.56 3(1)
Collector Orte
Karen Billeskov(1)
Collector Odense
john hansen in zeemanskerk(1)
Decoration of the seaman-church in Rotterdam
Lise Lotte Ringe 1 ny størrelse(1)
Collector in Ringe
LiseLotte 2(3)
Collector in Ringe
11 05 Birthe(3)
Collector Sødring
hovedmanden Herning(3)
Collector Hørsholm
Holger og Birgitte(3)
Collector Frøbjerg
Arresø dør 1(5)
Painted door Arresø
gitte  Erik3(1)
Collector Lykkesholm
2013 05 11 17.58.29(5)
Collector Orte
Lone tegning(1)
Collector Norway
Lone 92(1)
Collector Odense
Collector Kolding
Vægmaleri Orte(1)
Wall painting Orte
40 07 004
Collector Copenhagen
maleri 81(3)
Collector Nakskov