2018:Jeg udstiller med kunstnergruppen Lyren til sommer- mere info følger

Lyren 75 d

Exhibition December 2017

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Juleudstilling med Pabiak på Sulegården

Traditionen tro udstiller Pabiak på Galleri Sulegården hele december måned

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Small work sale (nu med nisser)(1)

Assens Kulturdage 2017

Professionelle kunstnere udstiller på Sulegården d. 12.august- 2.september



Summer Hagenskov 2017

Opening: Saturday June 24th at 2pm


Britta Schall Holberg will open the exhibition running until September 10th Thursday-Friday 2pm-5pm, or according to appointment.


It is now the second year that Klaus Bircholdt and I has been opportunity to exhibit in the old piggery at Hagenskov. Britta Schall Holberg, living at Hagenskov Castle, suggested last year that location for an exhibition.


”Manifestation of Human Worth” is the title of Klaus Bircholdts part of the exhibition. I show new paintings  and a part of my graphics production.


To accompany the art, the piggery is decorated by Ane Smedeggard and Seppo Hansen Washuus. Old furniture and fine objects are contributing with atmosphere and communicates well with the exhibited works of art.


A few sculptures from Jens Galschiøt will be shown.


Photo: Klaus Bircholdt

klargøring til udstilling

Getting ready for the exhibition 

April  2017

Opening separate exhibitions,celebrating 25 years in the gallery

Galerie Lærken ,The Nederlands Opening  Sunday 2th of April

Galerie Lærken, Denmark ,Opening Wednesday 12th of April


sommer på Hagenskov 1(1)

The Black School

 The Funen Graphical workshop

40 years

Kastrupgårdsamlingen 2017



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